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Similar to Art Blocks on Ethereum and fx(hash) on Tezos, PolyBlocks is an open platform for generative NFTs on Polygon.

Its intuitive user interface makes it simple for artists to mint their artwork.

Our tokens are based on the ERC-721 standard. To view the smart contract, please visit polygonscan.


  • To mint your artwork using our smart contract, simply connect your wallet and follow the instructions on the “mint” page
  • Your artwork will then be listed on the PolyBlocks homepage
  • When a collector completes a purchase, a token (or NFT) will be minted with a uniquely generated edition of your artwork


PolyBlocks is still in beta. We are continuing to work diligently to identify and resolve any issues with the platform.

We recommend that artists keep prices low during beta to encourage collectors to interact with your work.

Please note that the token contract may be subject to updates.


  • PolyBlocks retains a 3% platform fee when a new token is minted
  • PolyBlocks retains a 3% platform fee for tokens sold in the secondary market
  • No fees are paid to PolyBlocks for the minting of new artwork (note that gas fees still apply)

We are continuing to assess costs related to the operation of the platform. However, PolyBlocks will always strive to keep fees low to benefit artists and collectors.